C is for Coast Guard

A year ago I began writing an alphabet book.  Today it is nearly finished, well, in my amateur opinion it is.  I’ve had several people read it and provide comments, including fellow writers in critique groups.  We shall see what publishers think of “C is for Coast Guard,” an ABC book about the United States Coast Guard.  Designed for pre-readers and young readers, this picture book is designed to describe Coast Guard jobs and explain commonly used terms in our service.  The vocabulary is slightly advanced, therefore, the ideal audience is in the age group between 3-to-7 years old.  I plan to submit the manuscript next week.  Though I also plan to bring it to the next writer’s workshop I attend and hopefully get more feedback at that point.  Or perhaps I’ll begin working on my pitch.  🙂   Happy Coast Guard Day!!

One thought on “C is for Coast Guard

  1. If anyone could write a great kid’s book about the Coast Guard, it would be you, Johna. Your love and appreciation of the Coast Guard, combined with your love of children will make for great reading to little ones. I’m sending best wishes for your success with the publication of “C is for Coast Guard”. I hear it’s sometimes a long, tough road, but I know you will succeed.


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